-Mommy Tere Katipunan Marin

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-Mommy Tere Katipunan Marin

We consider it a blessing when we enrolled Pierre to Red Apple Playschool's Summer Camp in 2013. During that time, we knew nothing about the school and our only consideration in choosing it was its proximity to our home. We also did not intend to start his formal schooling yet then. After all, he just turned three years old. We only wanted to have something to keep him busy during the summer.


Still a baby, Pierre had separation anxiety and would cry every single class day. But once inside the classroom, he shone. He showed great interest and participated actively in class activities. (I know because I was also inside the classroom). He absorbed and enjoyed everything and his interest in learning and performing continued at home. We believe that the school's homey atmosphere and the teachers' motherly approach were what won Pierre's heart and ours too.


That short summer course unleashed the readiness in Pierre that we decided to enroll him in Nursery at Red Apple. We consider that decision a good investment when it comes to Pierre's education.


The school's traditional and non-traditional approach make way for a holistic learning experience for the kids. Lively classroom lessons, coupled with activities like Community Exposures, Art Workshop and Exhibit, Outbound Education, Water Play, stage performances and family parties ensure that the kids are learning and having fun at the same time.The school's teaching of Christian values and strong Catholic faith keep the kids grounded. It's also a wonderful thing that the teachers reach out and communicate well to the parents. It gives us, parents, a sense of assurance that we have a great partner in rearing our child.


A fast learner who's very inquisitive and always curious, Pierre bloomed and his capacity for learning was nurtured even more. Oftentimes, we are in awe of the things that he knows and can do. His talents were honed and he became more confident. Growing up, his being strong-willed and hard-headed became more apparent and we believe that we couldn't have handled it any better if Pierre was enrolled in a different school. Overall, the effect of Red Apple education to Pierre was very satisfactory. Him excelling in class was just an added bonus.


We are thankful to the Red Apple Family for being our partner in providing Pierre with a strong foundation during his formative years. We could not think of a better preschool to prepare Pierre for the challenges ahead. Our stay with Red Apple has truly been a blessing. The fond memories and friendships made for the past three years are something that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

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