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-Mommy Phine and Daddy Bryan Ramos

It all started when we scouted/researched for schools in Pasig and Taguig areas via web and I came across Red Apple Playschool. Me and my husband checked the reviews and feedback and all were positive, from the parents and guardians who have enrolled their children there. These are important for us because who else would best describe an institution’s competency other than those who actually availed their services, right?. We have also seen the different programs and activities they have in the school, which made us even more interested.

We came to the school and they were very accommodating to let us see the premises and explain to us the approach, polices and everything about Red Apple. This made us feel more at ease with them. It was good that they had the Beginner’s Camp offering in Red Apple during summer, which by the way I highly recommend for any incoming Nursery pupils. We enrolled our daughter to that program and it helped her feel and understand what a school setup is and also let us evaluate her readiness on the next real deal of actually going to school. Fast forward, our daughter very much enjoyed Beginner’s Camp and she even told us herself that she would like to start school. We enrolled her as Nursery student and everything has been an awesome experience since then.

The school’s approach of mixing progressive and traditional methods is very commendable. Progressive approach is great especially for preschoolers because they learn through discovery but I believe the mix is of great value because who knows what would be the approach of a child’s next school. As we all know, majority of the schools here in the Philippines are more on the traditional approach, so this mix would definitely help any student in adapting to their new schools.

Last but not the least, we personally like how Red Apple builds a community among the teachers, it’s staff, the children and their parents/guardians that is built on family values. They really make an effort to bridge and connect everyone that I believe helps a lot in raising the children in a very home-like environment. They have activities that brings everyone together such as family day during year end, workshops etc. The pre-school years is the transition period of child’s home life to school life, and this type of community that Red Apple nurtures is a good aid during the transition

Me and my husband are very happy with Red Apple. We really feel that Red Apple staff, most especially its teachers, are our partners in raising our children. We have seen our daughter progress not just academically, but with other areas as well such as social, emotional and personality development, which are of equal importance. I’ve seen how Red Apple does it part and exerts time in each child, equally, with concern and relentless effort. We are fortunate to have found a school like them.

As of this writing, our daughter is now a Kinder student in Red Apple and without a doubt would enroll her again for Preparatory level there smile emoticon the only thing we hope that Red Apple would have is have a grade school offering in the very near future – hopefully before our daughter graduates preschool!

Many thanks Red Apple! Keep up the great work!   

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