The Red Apple Playschool Inc.

Start Right, Grow Right!  

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-Mommy Deng Macalla , and Juancho Macalla

Out of several different schools that we visited for our son, Juancho, we found The Red Apple Playschool, Inc. to be the best choice of all. The kids love and miss the school (and the teachers and staff!) so much that we organize their ALUMNI HOMECOMING once in a while. Who else can testify but an alumnus himself!

Here's what our son (now 8yo) has to say: "Hello there! Need a school for starters? Try "Red Apple", a school where you can be a normal student with fun activities! It really is a good school for your child. They have subjects like English, Math, Filipino (kinder), Art, PE, etc. and uses fun learning so I do recommend this school. And we bring healthy snacks and wear nice uniform everyday! Your child will really feel loved, happy and safe here. PS-there is a playground where your child can play once the class is done. Bye bye now! 

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