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The Red Apple Playschool, Incorporated is a dynamic, modified – progressive, research – oriented preschool founded in 2003 and situated near Pasig city hall. One of its core philosophies is utilizing PLAY as a tool for both LEARNING and FUN. Through its curriculum that is anchored in PERSONALIZED LEARNING, the school aims to create a BALANCE between academics, motor and psychological development, and values education of children where INDIVIDUAL LEARNING STYLES are MET

The school started with three young individuals inspired by a foreign educator named Theodore Quail, whose vision was to ELEVATE the EDUCATIONAL LITERACY of young Filipinos in his small barangay in Pasig city. Through the constant encouragement of friends and family, the school was established. It held its first classes in the front porch of their residence in Pasig city with originally a total of 15 students in Nursery, Kinder, and Preparatory. 

To date, the population of students, educators and parents grew to become a family and a community that pursues LOVE in LEARNING.

The school is an affiliate member of the Pre – Elementary Educators of the Philippines, Inc. (PEP Inc.) and is DepEd accredited since 2005.

School Pedagogy

The school focuses on the holistic development of each child through proper values integration in the school’s curriculum. The Red Apple Playschool, Incorporated constantly researches and develops useful teaching technologies in honing each child’s formative years.

Modified – progressive approach

The school practices a modified – progressive approach. This method combines progressive techniques with a few traditional methods in creating a perfect fit of modern education and current local culture.
Progressive approach:

  • Smaller class size: 1:10 ratio
  • Investigative and experiential activities
  • Fewer and focused lessons for subject mastery
  • Hands – on application of lessons
  • Close – knit community

Personalized Learning method

The school uses a more personalized learning method in its program and curriculum. Its aim is to identify the strengths, weaknesses and potentials of each child. An in – depth assessment of each child’s learning styles is observed throughout the school year using tools and techniques such as multimedia and hands – on activities. Academics are taught based on the child’s learning styles accordingly. 

1:10 Teacher-Student ratio

A total number of 10 students are accepted per year level each school year in order to properly monitor progression and the application of more personalized learning.